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Cold Fear

Author: Rick Mofina

ISBN: 9780786012664
Pages: 448
Description: With his very first novel, If Angels Fall, Rick Mofina announced himself as one of today's most arresting and original new voices. "Cold Fear" more than lives up to the promise. Mofina has crafted a tale of great emotional intensity and breakneck pacing. Complex, atmospheric, irresistibly compelling, "Cold Fear" builds to a level of such exquisite tension that readers will be left breathless.In the remote reaches of Glacier National Park, a ten-year-old girl disappears on a family camping trip. At a rescue command center, a multi-agency task force launches a massive search, while the dramatic story grips an entire nation. Now, as a little girl fights to survive in the wilderness, a desperate mother enters her own life-and-death race to rescue her child. Because time is running out. And because someone else wants to find her daughter -- someone who knows a dark secret from the past, and where the deepest terror lies.
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