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About Us

Who we are


        TIY Information Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2013. We are a professional 3D technology value-added technology company. Hong Kong is the head office and technology research and development center.

          The company's main projects include: Acting international brands, software R & D and production and sales of automation equipment, 3D rapid prototyping machines and supplies, electronic products, intelligent peripheral equipment, hardware and software technology development and related technology business incubator.

         We are having the great reputation of excellent software strength in the world, and our company's development philosophy and cooperation in this industry has contributed to the international cooperation of each international company.

Hardware - in 3D printing 

        We have independent research and development of 3D printer (Movehand) that it can bring change to the world and we also have a system, material and community of 3D print creation. We have cooperation with Stratasys 3D Printer company and provide 3D printing technology design, research and development for industry.

Software industrial design system management 

         We havelong-term relationship of cooperationwith the world's leading manufacturers of PTC, AutoCAD, Altium, STRATASYS, etc. We work for enterprises to provide quality solutions and provide the 3D software designer software to solve your problems.