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C3P Software released Cast-Designer V7.5

C3P Software releases Cast-Designer V7.5

[Shanghai – July 15, 2020] – C3P Software is a pioneer supplier of CAX and PLM solutions for industrial manufacturing processes, and recently released its latest version at the 15th International Die Casting Exhibition held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center Casting design, simulation and optimization solutions-Cast-Designer V7.5.

Up to 15 new functions have been introduced in Cast-Designer V7.5. C3P software expands the application field of Cast-Designer from the casting manufacturing process to the design field and performance field. Major improvements and new features include:

Advanced CFD fluid dynamics solver

The computational efficiency of the new generation of fluid dynamics CFD solver is increased by as much as 40% to 300%, and the flow calculation can fully couple the thermal field, stress field and microscopic results. At the same time, the simulation accuracy of bubbles in the fluid has been improved.

New software interface

The new generation of software interface has been redesigned through the optimization of human-computer interaction, and the ease of use and display efficiency have been significantly improved. The system can handle large CAD/CAE calculation models more smoothly.

Modeling and simulation of 3D metal printing

Based on the application of additive manufacturing in the industrial field, C3P software has developed the 3D-Print module package of Cast-Designer for this purpose, which is used to simulate the virtual simulation of additive manufacturing, in order to find and solve the quality problems of the workpiece in the early stage. This module can help users significantly improve the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, production efficiency, and process stability in the additive manufacturing process, so as to help customers reduce the construction period and reduce the total cost.

Post-Solver for heat treatment process

Cast-Designer v7 introduces an analysis technology called Post-Solver to analyze gas defects and mold erosion. In this new version, the technology begins to support the post-casting heat treatment process (steel and aluminum alloy), which can assist users in analyzing the mechanical properties and microstructure changes of the casting produced during the heat treatment stage.

High Pressure Casting Design System

The ‘Quick Cast’ function module was added to the original die-casting design module, which enables users to complete the casting zone within a few seconds, thereby improving the filling balance and quality of the runner system.

In addition, the Curved Gate-Runner in the freestyle design has been fully parameterized, and the efficiency has increased by more than 10 times.

Smart riser design and database

The intelligent riser design module has been able to support the design of the diameter, height and position of the riser, and at the same time can consider the geometric characteristics of the casting itself to optimize the position of the riser. The riser database is also integrated into the system and supports data management of material costs and inventory.

"Cast-Designer's excellent product concept can help the industry significantly improve its technical capabilities and help enhance its market competitiveness." Professor J. Zhang from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University said, "Under the background of the global industrial chain being deeply impacted by the new crown virus, The release of the new version of Cast-Designer has released a new positive signal to the foundry industry."

X.Yang, CEO of C3P Software, said, “Cast-Designer's full industrial chain coverage capabilities have fully integrated raw materials, DFM manufacturability, design links, simulation simulation and final casting performance evaluation, providing the casting industry with Highly unique solution. The industrial value that Cast-Designer brings to the global casting industry has been recognized by hundreds of high-quality customers and end users around the world. We will continue to focus on product development and commit to accelerating innovation in the global casting industry. To create a more efficient design analysis workflow"

About C3P Software

Since 2006, C3P software company has been committed to providing professional design analysis solutions for the manufacturing industry. Its products include but not limited to "Cast-Designer", "Cast-Designer Weld", "Geo-Designer", and "AI- FORM" and "SavingCAST" widely serve customers in the global market. Assisting clients with advanced numerical methods to greatly reduce material, time and labor costs. C3P Software provides customers with high value-added industrial software products and engineering services. For more information, please go to: or

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