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About C3P

With the combination of software development, advanced analysis, extensive product development experience and cost effective local human resources, we provide industry and manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and engineering services on a global basis to meet their expectation in high quality, on-schedule delivery within cost target. Our business scope covers software development, professional engineering service and application software integration.

[Hong Kong – April 30, 2019] - C3P software company is a pioneer supplier of CAx and PLM solutions for industrial manufacturing processes. We are pleased to introduce the latest version of casting design, simulation and optimization solution - cast designer V7.4.

More than 50 new features have been introduced in cast designer V7.4. C3P software extends the application field of cast designer from casting manufacturing process to design field and performance field. Major improvements and new features include:

Multi scale and multi physical field modeling and simulation

Multi-scale and multi physical field modeling and simulation methods are important tools for analyzing complex systems. For example, engineers often need to simulate large-scale structures, in which the micro mechanical properties of materials greatly affect the overall behavior of the system.

Cast designer cell automation (CDCA): solidification is a phase transformation process, involving crystallization and volume change of metals and alloys. During solidification, the liquid phase can be transformed into one or more solid phases, and the gas phase can also be formed at the S / L interface. Using CDCA module, grain growth and more detailed microstructure simulation can be carried out through cast designer, and the scale can be reduced to 5 μ m to 1 mm.

Cast designer performance analysis (CDPE): CDPE is a new functional module, which is used to solve large-scale 3D solid model under static and dynamic loads. The software includes specific functions for the study of metal fatigue and ductile fracture. More importantly, defects such as shrinkage porosity, porosity and residual stress in the casting process can be directly coupled to the performance analysis stage of the final part.

Back end solver and bubble tracking

Cast designer introduces a new analysis technology called post solver to analyze the final bubbles, gas residence time and die erosion. With this innovative technology, even if the bubble is smaller than an element size, it can track the bubble well, and can be accurately detected in the specific location and quality of the simulated bubble disappearing finally. This technology is unique in the current market.

AI cast and PSO optimization

Now, the cast designer auto optimization module has been renamed "AI cast" to highlight the capabilities of intelligent algorithms. A new optimization method called PSO (particle swarm optimization) has also been enhanced to the latest version of cast designer. This method can bring better results (or the same as EGA) than EGA algorithm in casting application. The control parameters of PSO are very similar to those of EGA.

Global and local models of complex problems

In order to reflect the reality correctly, we constantly improve the modeling complexity when simulating, validating or optimizing the application. A simple technique for improving the model is to increase the number of elements to create more evaluation points.

However, even in today's state of calculation and processing power, for some very complex casting models, such as non possibility, it is very difficult to calculate the detailed CAE model of heat, flow and stress.

Cast designer introduces a new simulation technology called global local model. The user first runs the global model (coarse model), and then the system selects the boundary conditions of the global model to the local model (fine model). In this case, CPU time can be reduced by tens of times.

Design of HPDC runner system

The runner design system of HPDC has been improved to provide more detailed functions. In addition, the system also supports die casting machine comparison and intelligent selection.

The free design in the runner design system has also been enhanced. Now 3D runner design is simpler than before, and the system also supports user-defined paths.

Paracad in cast Designer

Paracad, a new all parametric CAD module of C3P software, has been integrated into cast designer for CAD modeling. Paracad is also fully integrated into AI cast for automatic optimization for any geometric modifications and optimizations.

Powerful cooling design function

The cooling design function has been enhanced in cast designer V7.4 and guided by the intelligent cooling design wizard. It is very useful for large casting design. It also supports the creation of follow-up chill, which can be hundreds of times faster than traditional methods.

David keck, marketing director of C3P software, said, "cast designer provides users with more flexible design functions, more powerful simulation functions and significant performance improvements to improve the reliability of numerical simulation results. Cast designer enables users to achieve new levels of efficiency and reliability in casting simulation, and create efficient design to analysis workflow to accelerate the pace of product innovation. "

Demo request

C3P Software can provide potential interested customers with software demos, to show the great potential of them: ease of use, simplicity in setting problems, computational speed, accuracy and reliability of results, experimental validations and innovative and successful solutions are some of the features that you can discover.

To take advantage of the demo software you can fill the information form using the related page, by specifying a contact person, the software that interests you most, and any comments and annotations.

Note that "demo" may be considered, depending on the software, a trial version, an example, a simulation or a collection of informative material.

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