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Category Archives: Company Exhibition And Conference

Bodily Harm

Author: Margaret Atwood ISBN: 9780385491075 Pages: 280 Description: A powerfully and brilliantly crafted novel, Bodily Harm is the story of Rennie Wilford, a young journalist whose life has begun to shatter around the edges.  Rennie flies to the Caribbean to recuperate, and on the tiny island of St.  Antoine she is confronted by a world where her…
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The Black Arrow

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson ISBN: 9780543896605 Pages: 242 Description: From the beloved author of Treasure Island Originally serialized in a periodical of boys' adventure fiction, The Black Arrow is a swashbuckling portrait of a young man's journey to discover the heroism within himself. Young Dick Shelton, caught in the midst of England's War of the…
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Found Money

Author: Peter Watson Jenkins ISBN: 9780983601630 Pages: 286 Description: The common theme of the 18 short stories in this book is that money - or wealth of some kind - is found, not earned. It can be as little as a single coin, or as massive as a win on the lottery. The subjects jostle…
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  • Give Me Your Hand

    Author: Megan Abbott ISBN: Pages: 352 Description: Give Me Your Hand follows two ex-friends forced into a competition over a spot...
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