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Company Research Center

Company Research Center

          Our company R & D center Tianyi (TIY) Co. Ltd. was honored with the regem of scientific research (NICADA) Limited cooperation,NICADA R&D Co. Ltd. is an intelligent Mechanical Computer-Aided Design (MCAD) application software solutions provider of engineering design.

        Our team is formed by a group of doctoral-level professionals with more than 25 years of experience in industries and MCAD application software development.

         We specialise in research and development of high-level design automation and optimisation of mould / product design, costing and environment assessment using Nature-Inspired Computing methods combined with advanced MCAD systems. We also provide professional MCAD customisation, training, engineering design / CAE consulting services for our customers in industry.

 Our wish is: 

       To achieve high level of automation design and use of the natural inspiration calculation method combined with advanced CAD system optimization.

 Our mission is: 

         Improve customer productivity and engineering design quality and automation and optimize key people's dependence and demand design process to eliminate human error.


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