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Creo (Pro/E)

Creo is a new CAD design software package that integrates the parameterization technology of the three software Pro / Engineer of PTC Company in the United States, the direct modeling technology of CoCreate and the three-dimensional visualization technology of ProductView. Products.
Creo is a new CAD design suite software that integrates Pro / ENGINEER, CoCreate, and ProductView software and redistributes it. It will use a more simplified sub-application method for different task applications, and all sub-applications use a unified file format.
Creo aims to solve the problems of difficult CAD system and data sharing of multiple CAD systems.

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Mathcad is an engineering calculation software owned by American PTC Corporation.
As a global standard for engineering calculations, unlike proprietary calculation tools and spreadsheets, Mathcad allows engineers to simultaneously design and record engineering calculations with detailed applied mathematical functions and dynamic, perceptual unit calculations. A unique visual format and a sticky note interface integrate intuitive, standard mathematical symbols, text, and graphics into a single worksheet.

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iMDC's world's first interactive multi-objective optimization commercial software directly applied to stamping and forming. It adopts a new system and framework, uses the latest artificial intelligence technology, and adopts a geometry-driven model to make digital technology, artificial intelligence technology and design exploration technology effective Fusion can be widely used in the automotive industry, precision stamping and continuous die stamping industries.

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Not only foundry simulation software, but also a comprehensive foundry solution covering the complete industrial chain of casting design, analysis simulation, optimization and production. Suitable for a variety of casting processes, including high pressure casting, gravity casting, precision casting (investment casting) and other processes.

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