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Training And Service

3D Education Training And Service Introduction

We agent of the world famous brand software are: Creo (Pro/E) and MathCAD; agent of the hardware are: 3D Systems, Stratasys 3D printers, in addition, I also received PTC agent accreditation certificate. We not only have the agent, but also pay attention to the research and development of 3D printin, we have a certain level of professional standards for 3D printing technology and knowledge. So we opened the 3D printing education and training services, including the Creo (Pro / E) software and 3D printer hardware, training, to ensure the realization of mass of 3D printing technology gradual cognition.

Our training object is mainly to face the majority of 3D printing fans and enterprises. Training content can be customized according to requirements, students can be zero based, but do not need to have any three-dimensional graphics capabilities.

We set up the training objectives and focus on developing the software and hardware, which can be applied to professional creative design. Through education and practice, so that students can skillfully grasp the software and hardware operating methods and have the flexible application of knowledge and skills.

Training course content

1).Pro/E Software Training:

Pro/E rendering three-dimensional modeling design, surface design and assembly drawings, engineering drawings, sheet metal design, product performance

2).Five Stages of 3D Printer Training:

1.The First Stage: the case practice through the example of software tools,initially formation of space thinking;

2.The Second Stage: taking pictures, creating a virtual model by taking pictures in kind;

3.The Third stage: the physical construction - through the observation of small objects, to build a virtual model;

4.The Fourth Stage: the imagination to build a theme guide, students to build the object inside their heart;

5.The Fifth stage: virtual creation - through the imagination, virtual structures, through the 3D printer to create the mind;

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